Job offert to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Mi é pervenuta questa offerta da parte di amici, proprio come successe per Dubai. Onestamente ancora non l´ho studiata attentamente, peró per sommi casi sembra interessante. Ovviamente si puó subito notare che non é una offerta per neolaureati.
Se qualcuno fosse interessato, mi scrive un messaggio qui sul blog, scrivendo anche la propria email che non verrá visualizzata e organizzo il contatto con la persona responsabile.
You will be hired As Project Manager and your responsibility will be to:
  • Prepare sketches and develop concept of the projects
  • Check the preliminary and working drawings which are prepared by designers
  • Make presentations to the customers/ we have presentation of the new projects almost every month /
  • Join the meeting with PM company, engineering company, facade suppliers and others
  • Ensure that architectural solutions are best suited to Mongolian climate and other environmental conditions (jointly with engineers, subcontractors)
  • Ensure that optimal solutions are chosen with respect to the quality and cost of construction materials
  • Prepare design work schedule
  • Coordinate all necessary work with assistance from Mongolian designers
  • Monitor the progress of the design work and budget
  • Site-supervision /Check if the work is done strictly according to drawings in a timely manner with quality requirements fully observed and without significant increases in construction budget/
  • Train and coach Mongolian designers in all functions performed by her/himself.
  • Report to General Manager
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