european day of languages,

european day of languages, 26 september 2005

Italy seems to be one of the worst country in learning – teaching and speaking English. That’s the result of a inquiry of the Council of Europe about knowledge of foreign languages in each European country.

Today I found this celebration, so I took the decision to write in English…you can see I’m not so able in doing it, but it doesn’t bother me…I’ll try…mistakes too help me to improve!

We’re in Europe!aereocellularetelefonocomputercaffèpranzobirraaperitivolinguaccia

To be able to speak another language is good, it allows you to understand culture and society of places you’re seeing. And I think it trains your brain doing new things!

Marking this year’s European Day of Languages (Monday 26 September) the Council of Europe has underlined the importance of having common standards for teaching and measuring linguistic competence.

The objective is Celebrating linguistic diversity, plurilingualism, lifelong language learning.

The European Day of Languages was created during the European Year of Languages in 2001, a Council of Europe initiative with the European Union. Throughout Europe, hundreds of activities celebrating language diversity and promoting language learning will be held on 26 September.

Celebrating languages means celebrating diversity; speaking to other people in their language means opening yourself to them and breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers.

<<in the family, with friends and colleagues, let 26 september be an occasion for people throughout europe to practise the hundreds of languages and dialects used on our continent both by europeans and those of our citizens from other continents.
Let us celebrate our diversity and may this special day be the first step towards learning a new language!>>

dialeto veneto:

Anca dei dialeti non gavemo da desmentegarse, la someia na roba da veci ma la fa parte de nialtri!

Xe el modo de ciamar i mestieri ke ne fa capir come xemo crexù…non stemo a pensare ke la lingua italiana la xia meio…la serve depì para scrivere.


Thank you Marta! Where have you been in Erasmus?

Good luck for new adventures!ok

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